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Tokio Marine HCC-MIS: How Coronavirus Affects Your Coverage

If You Purchased Your Atlas Policy on Or After July 15, 2020 : Your plan will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.  

How to find a doctor or hospital if you need medical care in the U.S.?

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance Atlas America plan is a visitor health insurance policy designed to provide medical and travel benefits, as well as emergency travel assistance to take the risk out of international travelers visiting the USA. Atlas America insurance is available to individuals, families, and groups from over 180 countries. You get access to quality care and are protected against the costs that can incur from unexpected medical and/ or travel emergencies.

Atlas America insurance plan provides worldwide coverage including the United States. If you become ill or are injured while visiting the U.S., you are free to choose healthcare providers. Atlas insurance does not restricts your choice of hospital, physician or other medical service provider. 

You have access to Atlas America insurance's nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks of doctors and hospitals that cover all 50 states in the USA. If you go to healthcare providers who participate in your insurance plan's PPO network, you can benefit from simplified claim process and lower out-of-pocket costs. You are also free to seek medical treatment from a healthcare provider outside of your plan’s PPO network.

Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Group uses First Health Network and United Healthcare Network as its PPO networks. Both networks include over 5,000 hospitals and hundreds of thousands of highly qualified medical professionals. No matter where you are in the United States, you will be able to locate a healthcare provider in your PPO network for medical treatment.

Depending on your insurance plan, you may use either First Health Network or United Healthcare Network. Refer to your certificate ID card to confirm which PPO network that you have access to, or check with HCC-MIS Customer Service.  More about how to find a medical provider in First Health Network and how to find a medical provider in United Healthcare Network.

You can contact Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Customer Service if you need assistance during a medical emergency, e.g. locate a clinic, hospital or other health facilities,  arrange payment, inquire about coverage and benefits etc. 

First Health Network

If you have the First Health Network logo on your ID card,  you can use healthcare providers within FirstHealth Network as your preferred providers.

First Health is a large medical network that includes more than 5,000 hospitals, 90,000 health care facilities, a million health professionals that covers all 50 US states.

Click here to enter First Health Network online directory to locate a provider.

Select “First Health network” then click “Start now”.

Here you need to select a Type of provider.  

Next, in Search by section, enter your zip code. If you do not know your zip code, you can also search by your State and County/ City. 

Choose Physician if you want to find doctors by their specialities, e.g. general practice, cardiovascular disease, pediatrics, dentistry, etc. You may also select doctors by medical conditions you have e.g. asthma, flu, food poisoning, broken bones, etc.

Choose Hospital if you want to go to a hospital that provides comprehensive medical and surgical care. A hospital with 24/7 Emergency Room services can treat severe and life-threatening medical emergencies.

Choose Urgent Care Center if you have urgent medical conditions that are not considered emergencies but still require care without delay. Urgent Care Centers usually don’t require appointments, are open with extended hours including evenings and weekends.

Choose Lab and radiology if you need diagnostic services to investigate your illness or condition, e.g.blood tests, urine tests, x-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), etc.

You can click “Show more options” link to add more optional search criteria. 

You can enter the name of doctor and/or the health care facility to check whether they participate in FirstHealth Network. 

You can narrow your search by specifying health care provider’s specialty or your specific medical condition.

Then click “Search Now” button, you will see a list of healthcare providers that match your search criteria. 

If you are interested in a health care provider, you can click on "More details" for more information such as available specialties and services, opening hours, etc.

After you locate a health care facility from your PPO Network, you can contact the healthcare provider to confirm that they accept your insurance plan. You should inform the provider that your insurance plan is with Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group, and your PPO network is First Health Network or United Healthcare Network.

An in-network healthcare provider can send medical bills directly to HCC-MIS for payment of medical services provided to you. More about How to pay medical expenses to in-network healthcare providers in the U.S.?

You are free to seek medical treatment from a healthcare provider outside of your plan’s PPO network. Out-of-network medical providers usually require you to pay for your medical expenses at the time of service. Then you can file a claim to HCC-MIS to request reimbursement. More about How to pay medical expenses to out-of-network healthcare providers in the U.S.?

It is advisable to choose an appropriate healthcare facility depending on the severeness of medical condition and the potential cost. Find out more about how to access different types of healthcare services in the U.S.: