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If You Purchased Your Atlas Policy on Or After July 15, 2020 : Your plan will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.  

What health care services are covered by Atlas Travel Medical Insurance?

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance is an insurance policy designed for international travelers from around the world. Atlas travel insurance includes comprehensive medical, emergency evacuation and essential travel benefits that provide financial protection to international travelers against different kinds of risks you can encounter while traveling outside of your home country.

Eligible medical expenses include treatment in outpatient clinics, emergency room, urgent care centers or other health facilities,  hospitalization, surgery, intensive care unit, diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonographic or laboratory services, prescription drugs, physical therapy, chiropractic care, emergency dental treatment or surgery, emergency eye exam, local ambulance, and other eligible medical costs. 


1. Charges made by a hospital for:

a. Daily room and board and nursing services not to exceed the average semi-private  room rate; and

b. Daily room and board and nursing services in Intensive Care Unit; and 

c. Use of operating, treatment or recovery room; and 

d. Services and supplies which are routinely provided by the hospital to persons for use while  inpatients; and 

e. Emergency treatment of an injury, even if hospital confinement is not required; and 

f. Emergency treatment of an illness; subject to emergency room co-pay as outlined in the Schedule of Benefits and Limits. ER co-payment is waived when you are directly admitted to the hospital as inpatient for further treatment of that illness

2. Surgery at an outpatient surgical facility, including services and supplies.

3. Charges made by a physician for professional services, including surgery. Charges for an assistant surgeon are covered up to 20% of the usual, reasonable and customary charge of the primary surgeon, but standby availability will not be deemed to be a professional service and therefore is not covered hereunder.

4. Dressings, sutures, casts or other supplies which are medically necessary and administered by or under the supervision of a physician, but excluding nebulizers, oxygen tanks, diabetic supplies, other supplies for use or application at home, and all devices or supplies for repeat use at home, except durable medical equipment.

5. Diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonographic or laboratory services (psychometric, intelligence, behavioral and educational testing are not included).

6. Artificial limbs, eyes or larynx, breast prosthesis or basic functional artificial limbs, but not the replacement or repair thereof.

7. Reconstructive surgery when the surgery is directly related to surgery which is covered hereunder.

8. Hemodialysis and the charges by the hospital for processing and administration of blood or blood components but not the cost of the actual blood or blood components.

9. Oxygen and other gasses and their administration by or under the supervision of a physician.

10. Anesthetics and their administration by a physician.

11. Drugs which require prescription by a physician for treatment of a covered injury or illness, but not for the replacement of lost, stolen, damaged, expired or otherwise compromised drugs, and for a maximum supply of 60 days per prescription.

12. Care in a licensed extended care facility upon direct transfer from an acute care hospital.

13. Home nursing care in bed by a qualified licensed professional, provided by a home health care agency upon direct transfer from an acute care hospital and only in lieu of medically necessary inpatient hospitalization.

14. Emergency local ambulance transport necessarily incurred in connection with injury or illness resulting in inpatient hospitalization.

15. Emergency dental treatment and dental surgery necessary to restore or replace sound natural teeth lost or damaged in an accident which was covered under this insurance.

16. Emergency dental treatment necessary to resolve acute onset of pain, provided treatment is obtained within 24 hours of the acute onset of pain.

17. Emergency Eye Exam if your prescription corrective lenses are lost or damaged due to a covered loss and an exam is required to obtain a lens prescription for medically necessary correction lenses, but not for the replacement cost of prescription corrective lenses or contact lenses.

18. Medically necessary rental of durable medical equipment (consisting of a standard basic hospital bed and or a standard basic wheelchair) up to the purchase prices.

19. Outpatient physical therapy or chiropractic care if prescribed by a physician who is not affiliated with the physical therapy or chiropractic practice, necessarily incurred to continue recovery from a covered injury or illness.

20. Injury or illness resulting from participation in sports or athletic activities not otherwise excluded under this insurance.


1. Expenses arise directly or indirectly from anything in the General Exclusions.

source: Atlas Travel Description of Coverage

Medically Necessary means a service or supply which is necessary and appropriate for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness or injury based on generally accepted current medical practice as determined by us. A service or supply will not be considered medically necessary if is provided only as a convenience to you or the provider, and/or is not appropriate for your diagnosis or symptoms, and/or exceeds in scope, duration or intensity that level of care which is needed to provide safe, adequate and appropriate diagnosis or treatment of an illness or injury.

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance has comprehensive medical benefits that pays eligible medical expenses if you experience an unexpected illness or injury while traveling abroad.  Atlas insurance provides worldwide coverage. In the event of a medical emergency, you are free to go to doctors, hospitals, or other health care providers of your choice. 

If you need to get medical treatment while visiting the U.S., you have access to nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks of doctors and hospitals in all 50 states. More about How to Use Atlas Trave Medical Insurance If You Need Medical Care While Visiting the United States?  

Tokio Marine HCC- MIS Group works with EQUIAN International Provider Network to maintain relationships with hospitals and doctors throughout the world. You may visit EQUIAN International Provider Network to locate a healthcare provider in your country. More about How to use Atlas Travel Medical Insurance If You Need Medical Care While Traveling Abroad?

You have access to Tokio Marine HCC–MIS Group’s travel and medical assistance services such as health provider referrals, medical monitoring, prescription drug replacement, translation and interpretation assistance, and more.