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CDC: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Advice

Tokio Marine HCC-MIS: How Coronavirus Affects Your Coverage

If You Purchased Your Atlas Policy on Or After July 15, 2020 : Your plan will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.  

How to buy Atlas Travel Medical Insurance?

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance   is a visitor health insurance policy designed to provide medical and travel benefits, as well as emergency travel assistance to take the risk out of international travelers outside of their home countries. Atlas travel insurance provides worldwide coverage. It is available to individuals, families, and groups from over 180 countries. You get access to quality care and are protected against the costs that can incur from unexpected medical and/ or travel emergencies.

Traveler Information

After you get a free Atlas Travel Medical Insurance quote ,  customize and select your plan ,  add Primary Destination and optional coverages , next you can fill in the personal information of applicant(s).

Email: Enter your Email address.

Please make sure that your Email address is correct. Your insurance documents will be sent to this Email.

Name:  Enter the applicant’s First Name and Last Name, MI (middle name) is optional.

Gender:  Select Male or Female.

Home Country: Home Country means the country where you principally reside and receive regular mail. Home country can not be the same as the destination country.

Passport: (optional) Enter the applicant’s passport number, so that your confirmation of coverage letter will include your passport number. 

This is not a required field. You may add passport number later through ClientZone after purchasing your policy. 

Citizenship: Select your country of citizenship.

Beneficiary: Name a beneficiary who would receive the benefit in the event of your death.

Beneficiary means the individual named in your application to be the recipient of any Accidental Death or Common Carrier Accidental Death benefit. If you do not designate a beneficiary on the application, the beneficiary is automatically as follows: 

Members age 18 or older: 1. Spouse (if any), 2. Children (if any) equally, 3. Your estate. Members under age 18: 1. Custodial Parent(s) (if any), 2. Siblings (if any) equally, 3. Your estate. 

source: Atlas Travel Description of Coverage

After completing the required fields, click the " Next Step⇨" button to continue to check out and receive confirmation and your insurance document.

* If your home country is Australia or Canada, you will get an additional message. Click here to read about special requirements for Australian or Canadian residents.

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