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If You Purchased Your Atlas Policy on Or After July 15, 2020 : Your plan will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.  

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance Emergency Dental Coverage

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance is an insurance policy designed for international travelers from around the world. Atlas travel insurance includes comprehensive medical, emergency evacuation and essential travel benefits that provide financial protection to international travelers against different kinds of risks you can encounter while traveling outside of your home country.

While traveling abroad, if you suddenly experience an acute onset of pain, damaged or lost teeth caused by an accident, and you need emergency dental treatment, Atlas Travel Medical Insurance has emergency dental benefit that pays for eligible medical expenses up to the amount indicated in the Schedule of Benefits and Limits. 

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance covers:

  • Emergency dental treatment and dental surgery necessary to restore or replace sound natural teeth lost or damaged in an accident which was covered under this insurance.
  • Emergency dental treatment necessary to resolve acute onset of pain, provided treatment is obtained within 24 hours of the acute onset of pain.

source: Atlas Travel Description of Coverage

Acute Onset of Pain (Emergency Dental) means a sudden and unexpected occurrence of pain which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning, either in the form of physician or dentist recommendation or symptoms, including pain, which would have caused a prudent person to seek medical or dental attention prior to the onset of pain. Treatment must be obtained within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected occurrence of pain.

Atlas insurance does not cover dentures or dental appliances, or dental treatment of the temporomandibular joint. 

If you need dental treatment, you can go to a health care provider of your choice. Atlas insurance does not restrict your right to select the hospital, physician or other medical service provider. 

If you need to get dental treatment while visiting the U.S., you have access to nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks of doctors and hospitals in all 50 states. More about How to Use Atlas Trave Medical Insurance If You Need Dental Care While Visiting the United States?  

Tokio Marine HCC- MIS Group works with EQUIAN International Provider Network to maintain relationships with hospitals and doctors throughout the world. You may visit EQUIAN International Provider Network to locate a health care provider in your country. More about How to use Atlas Travel Medical Insurance to Get Medical Care While Traveling abroad?