U.S. government: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

CDC: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Advice

Tokio Marine HCC-MIS: How Coronavirus Affects Your Coverage

If You Purchased Your Atlas Policy on Or After July 15, 2020 : Your plan will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.  

How to cancel Atlas Travel Medical insurance?

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance is an insurance policy designed for international travelers from around the world. Atlas travel insurance includes comprehensive medical, emergency evacuation and essential travel benefits that provide financial protection to international travelers against different kinds of risks you can encounter while traveling outside of your home country.

Can I cancel my Atlas Travel Medical Insurance?

After you have purchased Atlas Travel Medical Insurance, you may want to cancel your insurance policy for certain reason, e.g. your international trip is canceled, you realize the insurance coverage does not meet your needs, you have to cut your travel short and return home earlier, etc. 

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance is cancelable. You can submit a written cancellation request to Tokio Marine HCC–MIS Group. The insurance company will process the request and issue refund to you.

If you submit cancellation request prior to your certificate effective date, you may get a full refund. If you submit cancellation request after the certificate effective date, only the unused portion of premium will be refunded and a $25 cancellation fee will apply. No refund will be issued for policies that have submitted claims.


We hope you are happy with the cover this policy provides. However, if after reading it, this insurance does not meet with your requirements, please notify us of your wish to cancel and we will refund your premium. 

Premiums will be refunded in full if a cancellation request is received prior to the certificate effective date

Premiums may be refunded after the certificate effective date subject to the following provisions: 

A $25 cancellation fee will apply for administrative costs incurred by us; and

Only the unused portion of the plan cost will be refunded; and

You cannot have filed any claims to be eligible for a premium refund. 

source: Atlas Travel Description of Coverage

How to submit cancellation request?

You must submit a written cancellation request to Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Group. In your request, be sure to include the insured person’s name, insurance certificate number, the date you would like the policy cancellation to take effect  (earliest is the next day), and your reason for cancellation (e.g. your trip is cancelled). 

You may send your request by Email to orders@hccmis.com or on HCC-MIS website via ClientZone or Customer Service Center.


First login  ClientZone, click “Contact Us” tab from the header menu, then click “Policy Changes” from the drop down list, you will see a Contact Form.  

In “Message” area write your cancellation request and click “Send Message” to send your request to Tokio Marine HCC–MIS Group.

Customer Service Center

Go to Tokio Marine HCC – MIS Group Customer Service Center

In "Contact Us" section, click "Policy Information" link.

Fill in the required information. In Change Request Type section select Cancellation. In “Comments” area write your cancellation request, then click Submit button to send your request.