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What To Do If Your Atlas Travel Medical Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Atlas Travel Medical Insurance is an insurance policy designed for international travelers from around the world. Atlas travel insurance includes comprehensive medical, emergency evacuation and essential travel benefits that provide financial protection to international travelers against different kinds of risks you can encounter while traveling outside of your home country.

Appeal  Procedure 

If you have an Atlas Travel Medical Insurance policy from Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Group,  you have submitted a claim and your claim is denied by the insurance company, you may make an appeal, ask HCC-MIS to re-evaluate your claim.

You need to submit a written appeal using the Claimant Appeal Request Form that explains your reasoning and position to support a reversal of the denial, along with any new information or documents (e.g. medical records, receipts) that are relevant to your case. Make copies of all your documents in case your original filing is lost.

You can contact HCC-MIS Customer Service to find out why your claim was denied, so that you can better address the issues to make solid appeal. Ask the insurance company what additional information or documents may be needed to dispute the denial decision in your resubmitted claim. More about how to deal with your insurance claim denial

You may submit your appeal online through HCC-MIS Customer Service Center, or send the written appeal letter and supporting documents to: 

Tokio Marine HCC - MIS Group
Box No. 2005
Farmington Hills, MI 48333-2005

During the appeal process, make sure to respond to letters and requests sent by the insurance company. You may follow up on your appeal via ClientZone or by contacting HCC-MIS Customer Service. 

Your submission of the appeal will lead to a full and fair review of of your claim by the insurance company, but it does not guarantee that the initial denial decision will be altered. For example, your appeal may be granted if your doctor provides proof that the health care services you received are medically necessary. If your claimed treatment isn’t covered under your insurance plan, then the insurance company will not alter the denial decision.

If you have gone through the initial and second appeal process and do not agree with the insurance company’s final decision, you may take your appeal to an independent third party for external review.


In the event we deny all or part of a claim under this insurance, you may file a written appeal with us. The written appeal must include sufficient information to identify the claim under appeal and must specify the reason(s) for the appeal with supporting documentation, if applicable. 

Please provide your written appeal online or by postal mail at the following: 

http://service.hccmis.com/ or 

Tokio Marine HCC - MIS Group 

P.O. Box 2005 

Farmington Hills, MI 48333-2005 USA 

When we receive the appeal, we will review the claim and a written response will be sent to you. After you receive our response to the appeal, you may initiate a second appeal. With our receipt of the second appeal, medical and/or claims personnel who were not involved in the original claim determination or the initial appeal will review the claim. A final determination will be made and a letter will be sent to you

source: Atlas Travel Description of Coverage