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How to use Atlas Travel Medical Insurance to get treatment in U.S. hospitals?

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Atlas Travel Medical Insurance Atlas America plan is a visitor health insurance policy designed to provide medical and travel benefits, as well as emergency travel assistance to take the risk out of international travelers visiting the USA. Atlas America insurance is available to individuals, families, and groups from over 180 countries. You get access to quality care and are protected against the costs that can incur from unexpected medical and/ or travel emergencies.

Hospital Services in the U.S.

What hospital services are covered by Atlas America insurance?

How to find a hospital?

Hospital Services in the U.S.

There are more than 6,000 hospitals in the United States. Most are community hospitals that provide general medical and surgical care.  General hospitals usually are adequate for most treatments for acute or chronic health conditions resulting from diseases and injuries. Some community hospitals focus on specific type of diseases such as trauma care, cancer care etc, they are good for serious illnesses or major surgeries. Community hospitals are mostly run by non-profit organizations or private investors, some by state and local government. 

Besides community hospitals, there are also psychiatric hospitals specialize in hospital care for mental health illnesses, long-term care hospitals provide medical care for patients who require prolonged periods of care. 

US hospitals usually have high standard and are well-equipped with advanced medical technology. Hospitals offer medical services and treatments including emergency care, outpatient specialty clinics, inpatient care, labor and delivery services, diagnostic testing, lab tests etc.

Hospitals are staffed with highly trained doctors who are board certified specialists in a wide range of medical specialties. Most doctors have their own private practice and are paid by their services. Some hospital-based doctors are salaried hospital employees. 

In case of serious medical emergency, you can go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Hospital emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day,7 days a week. If you need hospitalization for an emergency surgery or procedure, the hospital will admit you to inpatient care.

Otherwise, you need to schedule an appointment to see a specialist doctor in hospitals’ outpatient clinics. Patients can be admitted to hospital inpatient services by outpatient clinic doctors or emergency room doctors.

Hospitals usually set up their own fee schedules that are different from each other. Depending on the medical condition, the amount that you pay may include treatment, medicines, lab tests, imaging services, surgical procedures, doctors’ fees, operating room fees, general ward fees, and other medical expenses. 

U.S. hospitals are very expensive. The average cost of hospital stay per day is over $5,000, on average each hospital stay costs over $15,000 U.S. dollars. Depending on patients’ medical conditions and treatment received, hospital bills can range from thousands of U.S. dollars to tens of thousands of U.S. dollars. That is more than an average person can afford  without an insurance protection.

Be sure to bring your proof of insurance when you go to a hospital. When you go to a hospital for emergency care or in case of being admitted for hospitalization, the insurance company can help to settle medical expenses directly with hospitals. If you do not have proof of insurance, some hospitals may ask you to pay a deposit for advance payment. 

Make sure you understand the complete details of the charges from the hospital and keep track of the treatment you're receiving.  

What hospital services are you covered for?

For covered illness or injury, your Atlas America policy can pay for eligible charges made by a hospital including physician, Emergency Room, surgery, Intensive Care Unit, diagnostic testing, necessary medical supplies, prescription drugs, any more. You are covered for Hospital Room and Board. Daily room and board and nursing services are not to exceed the average semi-private room rate. If you have an eligible inpatient hospitalization, you will receive Hospital Indemnity benefit for each night you spend in the hospital. More about Atlas Travel Medical Insurance Medical Coverage.

Depending on the medical emergencies, you may also be eligible for various travel benefits that are covered by Atlas Travel Medical Insurance including Emergency Medical Evacuation to transfer the patient to qualified hospital, Emergency Reunion or Bedside Visit to bring your relative to where you are hospitalized, Return of Minor Children to send your children home, or Pet Return to send your pet home.

In medical emergencies, you can call Tokio Marine HCC-MIS Emergency Assistance Services for help. Provider Referrals assistance can help you to find nearby hospitals, clinics, dentists, or pharmacies. If you are hospitalized, Medical Monitoring assistance can provide your family/ friends with ongoing updates of your medical status from the attending physicians. Emergency Travel Arrangements service is available to arrange transportation in case of medical emergencies. HCC-MIS can also arrange Translation and Interpretation Assistance when necessary.

How to find a hospital?

It is in your advantage to choose hospitals from the insurance company’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks:  FirstHealth Network or UnitedHealthcare Network. You are free to go to health care providers that are not in the PPO networks.

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